A sporty and authentic human experience, to meet the people of the Himalayas, in a beautiful mountain environment

It’s the great ourdoors of India!
In trekking, you will browse India's foothills of the Himalayas to its  sumptuous landscapes

Treks are use horses to wear the equipment and luggage. A horse is made available for possible physical problems.
During the trek, the nights are spent camping in tents. The nights are also available for homestay.
(All the treks can be combined with visits or tours offered in our catalogs.)



In yellow marks, the intinarary of "Villages treks", and in red, marks the itinarary  Bir-Manali trek.

Chotah Banghal Valley : Home homestay

Period: Early April to Mid June, September to November. These periods may be delayed depending on the abundance of snow.
Level: Easy
Maximum altitude: 2500m
Total time: 4 to 5 days
Ideal for beginners, it is a short trek that provides an overview of the major Himalayan landscapes and especially the chain of Dhauladhar, with daily contact with local people and their lifestyles.
The main charm of this trek is the home of the villagers with whom trekkers share hospitality.
That is why we also call this trek:"The trek from the village"

Trek Bir – Kullu

Period: Early April to mid June, early September to late November.
For the first time, the risk of rain is expected in lower altitudes.
Level: Moderate.
Maximum altitude: 3500m.
Total time: 10 days
Time Trek: 9 days
This trek begin with "Village trek" then continues
 to the Kullu valley by a different route than that of "Bir-Manali". The scenery is different and has fewer difficulties. It is a good way to discover the quiet landscapes and cultures of the Middle Himalayas, and have contact with the locals.
This trek is an ideal compromise between sport and human adventure.

Trek Bir - Manali

The most impressive trek to Himachal Pradesh , but also the most popular.

Period: Mid June to mid July, early September to late November. For the first time, the risk of rain is expected in lower altitudes.
Level: difficult to very difficult because of the passage of two passes over 4,500 m.
Maximum altitude: 4797m
Total time: 14 days including 12 days of walking

It is without question the most famous trek through the chain of Dhauladhar.
You can get a clear idea of landscapes and cultures foothills, and gain a glimpse of how Kullu valley is highly humanized. You will cross one of the most isolated regions of Himachal Pradesh and the village of Bara Banghal.
(This trek is reserved for athletes with its wild course and high altitude)


Trek in the Great Himalayan Park: Sainj and Thirtan Valley

Level: difficult to very difficult.
Maximum altitude: 4120m
Total time: 11 days, including 9 days trek
This trek will visit two valleys of the Great Himalayan National Park, which is the most beautiful, and the valley of the Tirthan. You will go to its source, Tirath Glacier, located at altitude as close to the peaks of the Himalayas.
We propose to survey the hills and mountains of the Great Himalayan National Park. These are the most remote areas of Himachal Pradesh, but also the least marked and covered. You will have the opportunity to experience pristine nature (and wildlife including bears, leopards, foxes, monkeys ...) and a culture totally preserved. This is an i
deal experience to be lulled  by the magnificence of the place. Surely, you'll be rewarded for your efforts.

Trek in the Great Himalayan Park: The loop Shangar

Period: Due to the relatively low altitude of this trek is little to do throughout the year. The best seasons are late March to early May and September to October.
Level: Easy
Maximum altitude: 2300m
Total time: 7 days with 5 days walking
For fans of encounters, lovers of nature, walkers and small, this trek is ideal.
More than a walkover Trek (average per day 8km), we suggest you walk the hills of the Great Himalayan National Park. At once the most remote areas of Himachal Pradesh, but also the least marked and covered. You will have the opportunity to experience pristine nature and a culture totally preserved. It is  ideal to rest in the qiet surrounding atmosphere. 
You will sleep either homestay or in tents (your choice) and meals will be local. In developing a tourism more diverse in this area, you will participate in rising standards of living of the locals and adhere to the protection of nature.:



Trek in Spiti

Period: Due to the high altitude , the best season is from June to September ,

Level of Trek: Easy but at high altitude ( 4000m )
Maximum altitude : 4116m
Total time : 17 days with 6 days of

This trip combines a tour with visits to Buddhist monasteries and an altitude trek and you can live closer to the local population .
This trip will allow you to reach the highest village in the world accessible by motorable road . It will also allow you to enjoy the beautiful Chandertal lake .

  This cost includes full board, guide, transport, all expenses for trek, support on arrival in Manali
end of support in Manali

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