Transhimalayan Raid-1

From Bir ( Himachal Pradesh ) to Zanskar(25days)

from July 16 to September 15
. Level : Difficult to very difficult due to the passage of several passes over 4500 m .
Maximum altitude : 5060m
Total time : 25 days
Trek Duration : 21 days
This raid is done mostly on foot , with some passages in a jeep , and opportunity to do so partly on horseback .
- Trek Bir / Manali through the passes of Thamsar Pass ( 4624m ) and Kalihani Pass ( 4797m ) - 12 days
- Jeep from Manali to Darcha , via Keylong ( Lahaul )
- Trek Darcha / Padum ( Zanskar ) not passing the Shingo La Pass ( 5060m ) - 9 days

Transhimalayan Raid-2

 From Bir (Himachal Pradesh) to Leh (Ladakh) (23 days)

 Period: from July 16 toSeptember 15
.Level: Difficult to very difficultdue to the passage of several passes over 4500m.
Maximum altitude: 5130m
Total time: 23 days
Trek Duration: 19 days
This raid is done mostly on foot, with some passages in a jeep, and opportunity to do so partly on horseback.
- TrekBir/Manali throught he passes of Thamsar Pass(4624m) and Kalihani Pass (4797m)-
11 days
- Jeep from Manali to Phang, via Keylong (Lahaul)- 2days
- Trek Phang/Hemis without forgetting passes Pangmaru The(4500), Yar La (4950m), Zalung karpola (5100m), Kongka Ngonpo La (5090m) and Kongmaru La(5130m)- 8 days

These raids are reserved for sportsman !
They are made for ¾ at high altitude ( 3500m and 5300m between ) , so do not underestimate this trek . You should take certain pre-cautions, such as a medical examination before departure.
TheTrans-himalayan Safari is an exceptional course, and very difficult, it requires very good physical condition and ability to walk several hours a day. It must with stand not only the altitude, but very dry air, coldat night, dust, discomfort from the camp, and a general fatigue of a long event ful journey. You must accept the frugal diet, and toilets in the wild!

Motobike Mountain Tour

Un incredible adventure on highest road of the world with the queen of motobike : Royal Enfield 500cc

All details of this trip with simple request

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